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Samrat Investments is a provider of financial service, funding and Investment management services. We are creative artists who design better plans for you to grow your economy, reduce financial stress, experience financial freedom, and lead a hassle-free life. We create an environment to nourish the investments to get more profit for you to buy the things sold in the market, to innovate & build the way of excellence for those who have hope for better future & for the child who is yet to dream of change. To transform the things lies in nature to make better use of it. We understand the blood, sweat, tears& commitment it takes to run a business& to earn a penny for every individual. We dream a better life for every child who breathes every now. Our key features are to increase your profit without fear of loss, customizing your plan, to encourage you to invest by growing your wealth to experience financial freedom within life.

Graphic Design Innovation


Internship - Fresher (< 1 yr)

College Graduates
Students in their final year of college
Students in any year of college

Work from home

1500.0 - 2500.0 Rupees per Month

Are you passionate about design or you think your design can make positive impact on human life. Selected intern's day-to-day responsibilities include: 1. Handling graphics designing 2. Interacting with the marketing team for designing creatives 3. Designing banners and other marketing tools 4. Creating promotional videos and animated creatives 5. Communicating closely with the marketing team and understanding their needs to build appropriate graphics 6. Creating effective graphic designs for marketing and promotions 7. Designing offers, discounts, new launching product on the website 8. Designing brochures and newsletters 9. Planning and creating artworks for social media pages rewards Perks: 1. Indemnity (daily investment by organisation to you, estimated 12 000- 18 000*), 2. Monthly reimbursement (bills based on your progress), 3. Opportunity to be part of human awareness and make world a better place,

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College Graduates
Students in their final year of college
Students in any year of college


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