Unit-1 Why Learn Mathematics

This unit discusses what mathematics is, its characteristics, processes involved in developing its ideas and hierarchy of its ideas.

When we

(i)Estimate quantity, and/or

(ii)Look for relationships, and/or

(iii)Observe patterns

we are doing mathematics. List examples of these three activities occurring in each of the following situations.

a)Saba lives in Jaipur, and has to reach Delhi on 23rd March by 10:00A.M;

b)Suresh is planning to knit a sweater for his sister.

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a)Saba has to estimate the time required to reach and appropriately what time she should start the journey, she should also see the different modes of transport she may take and the relationship or time required to switch between them, and she should also take into account if any mode usually takes more time than expected.

b)Suresh should estimate the amount of material required for the sweater and the measurement of his sister, he should take into account the different colors which can be combined to make the sweater more beautiful, and he should also repeat or create a specific pattern so that it does not look odd.