Unit-1 Writing Paragraphs-1

The aim of this unit is to help you in a systematic manner to write good paragraphs.

The vast majority of people, wherever they live and whatever their occupation. come in contact with animals in one way or another and have to deal with them. It is obvious that the hunter has to know the ways of his quarry, that the farmer must be aware of the habits of his farmyard animals and of creatures that damage his crops; that the fisherman must know when and where to find his fish and how to outwit them. Even the modern city dweller meets animals. He may want to ward off the roaches in his kitchen or he may keep a dog or a bird and grow familiar with the way his pet behaves. All over the world, among primitive tribes as well as in modern society, there are those who delight in the observation of animals, and there is a growing awareness of the fact that sharing our world with our fellow creatures is like travelling together - we enjoy being surrounded by other beings who, like ourselves, are deeply absorbed in the adventure of living. There is a growing sense of marvel and also of affinity. 

(from Niko Tinbergen (ed.) 'An infant science' in Animal Behaviour, Time-Life Books) 

Find equivalents of the nouns a) wonder, b) relationship?

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a) marvel

b) affinity