Unit-2 Basic Concepts In Sociology

In this unit we introduce you to basic concepts in sociology. These concepts include that of society itself. The social group is discussed.

Distinguish between status and role. Write about five lines for your answer.

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  • Role is the behavioral aspect of status; there can be no statuses without a corresponding role attached to it.
  • Role is, thus, the dynamic aspect of status and consists of rights and duties attached to it. Thus, an individual occupying the status of father, simultaneously, has some rights over his children, as well as, some responsibilities towards them.
  • Statuses and roles are, thus, two sides of the same coin.
  • Role refers both to the actual behavior of an individual occupying a particular status, as well as to a set of expectations regarding behavior, shared by those involved in particular social relations.
  • Status is the rank in social hierarchy while role is the behavior that is expected of a person.