Unit-3 Village And The Outside World

This unit altogether provides you a broad view of the linkages of Indian villages with the outside world.

Define the processes of Universalisation and Parochialisation. Use about six lines for your answer. 

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  • Universalisation refers to the process by which elements of ritual and belief, which form part of the localised little tradition, spread upwards to form part of the great tradition of Indian civilisation.
  • Parochialisation refers to the process of downward spread of elements of the great tradition to the little tradition. In both the processes the original elements undergo transformation.
  • Marriott admits that since universalisation and parochialisation have both proceeded for a very long time, it is ordinarily unable to trace the course of either process with certainty, or to decide whether a given present configuration of religious contents is the result of one and not also the result of the other of these two processes.
  • But the important point to remember is that in matters relating to observance of festivals, there has been a give and take among the village traditions and the nationwide tradition-thereby showing how the village has not been self-sufficient in this manner.