Unit-16 Probability

Learn how uncertainties can actually be measured, how they can be assigned numbers and how these numbers are to be interpreted.

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A box contains three balls-a red, a black and a white. You put your hand inside the box, and pick up one ball, and find it is red.

a) What is the experiment?

b) What is the outcome?

c) What is the total number of possible outcomes?

d) What is the sample space?

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Learning Pundits Content Team

Written on Jun 25, 2019 1:51:48 PM

a) Picking a ball from the box and noticing its color.

b) Noticing that the ball is red.

c) 3

d) {B,R,W} B : event of picking a black ball 

R: event of picking a red ball

W: event of picking a white ball.

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