Unit-5 Colonialism - The New Adminstrative System - Pre And Post 1857

The aim of this Unit is to study the pattern and growth of British Administrative System before and after 1857.

How with the help of the right of Paramountcy did the British interfere in the affairs of the Princely States. 

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After the revolt of 1857 the British realised that the Princely States could play an important role in checking the discontent of Indian masses. Therefore the policy of annexation of Indian states was given up and their co-operation was sought in strengthening the British imperialism. The Princely States were asked to extend their co-operation. A number of powers were restored to them and they were assured that if they continued to be loyal to the British they would not be harmed. Through the policy of Paramountcy a close check on the states was also maintained. Now no Indian ruler was allowed to maintain relations with other countries except through the British. British interfered in day to day functioning of the states through their agents called Residents. British Residents and nominated ministers were posted in almost all the states. They were to protect British interests and implement British policies. The right to recognise the successors was also reserved with the British government. If any ruler did not fall in line he was replaced with a person of the British choice. Likewise the rulers of Baroda in 1873 and Manipur in 1891 were removed. In other states also a policy of interference was followed. In spite of these policies majority of Indian rulers supported the British to secure their status and privileges. 

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