Unit-1 India - Physical Features

Why in the study of the history of a country an understanding of its physical features is necessary.

Discuss the physical features responsible for the rise of Magadha. Answer in about ten lines.

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Following factors are involve in the success of the Magadha Empire

1.Highly fertile soils,

2.Sufficient rainfall ensuring a rich annual paddy crop;

3.proximity to iron ore mines and sources of stone and timber of Chotanagpur Plateau which is towards the south of Magadha;

4.The rivers provided for comfortable communication and trade;

5.The closeness and continuity of settlements, facilitated in no small way by these natural

6.Advantages, indicating great population density.

7.The political ascendency of Magadha, its capital Pataliputra became the capital of northern India or the imperial capital and it continued to remain important for many centuries

8.A combination of these factors helped the comfortable conquest of the northern Gangetic plain.

9.In fact, it was due to these reasons that the Indo-Gangetic plains as a region was way ahead of others in terms of agricultural productivity or population base.

10.The territorial expansion over the northern plains then provided the basis for the exercise of unquestionable Indian supremacy

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