Unit-3 Public Administration And Other Social Sciences

In this unit, we shall examine the place of Public Administration among Social Sciences and its relations with other Social Sciences.

Explain the integrated nature of social phenomena with illustrations.

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  • No social event can be studied in isolation without reference to other events. Consider for instance, the policy on Reservation.
  • A good section of people are supporting it and an equal number are opposing it.
  • If it is viewed only as a policy, for raising or reducing the percentage of reservations we would be facing difficulties.
  • We have to take into consideration its root cause which is the outcome of the historical development of the lndian society.
  • This means that we have to analyse the social, economic, political and cultural aspects of reservation policy in order to be able to formulate it in such a way as to meet the ends of social justice and ensure national progress.
  • Likewise. with regard to the problem of growing inefficiency in public offices you have to take into account a whole spectrum of policies ranging from the recruitment policy through educational policies to the absence of 'achievement' motivation. Then only you will know what has caused it.
  • If you view inefficiency only as a matter of discipline in the offices you may not be able to solve the problem of inefficiency.

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