Unit-1 Administrative System At The Advent Of British Rule

In this Unit the overall objective is to examine the political and administrative environment in India at the advent 6f British rule.

Explain the Mansabdari System.

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  • Every officer of the State held a mansab or official appointment of rank and profit and was expected to supply a certain number of troops for the military service of the State. 
  • Officials or mansabdars were classified into 33 grades, ranging from Commanders of 10 to those of 10,000 soldiers. Each grade carried a definite rate of pay, out of which its holder had to provide a quota of horses, elephants, etc. 
  • Officers received their salaries either in cash or through jagirs for a temporary period. The officers did not have ownership of lands in their jagirs, but only the right to collect the revenue equivalent to his salary.
  • The jagir system provided scope for exploitation of the masses and gave undue power and independence to the holders of jagirs. These evils were difficult to check when the Emperor was weak.

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