Unit-3 Reforms In British Administration 1858 to 1919

Understand the reforms in British administration in India from 1858 to 1919

Comment on the changes brought about by the Act of 1858.

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  • Significant changes were brought about by the Act of 1858, which ended the rule of         Company and the system of Double Government by Board of Control in England and the Court of Directors of the company introduced by the Pitt's India Act, 1784. 
  • Indian Administration came directly under the-Crown.
  • The Act created the office of the Secretary of State who was a cabinet minister in the British cabinet .
  • With the end of the East India Company, British Parliament lost much interest in Indian affairs and the Secretary of State for India became the defacto government of India.
  •    Establishment of supremacy of Home Government over the Government of India. 

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