Unit-1 Alternative Paradigms of Development

In this unit, we will distinguish between growth and development and discuss the various institutional approaches to development.

Why is increasing attention being paid to poverty in development strategy?

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Written on Jun 26, 2019 1:02:26 PM

In the post World War-II period, when many erstwhile colonies became free, the topmost priority of the newly independent countries was to achieve rapid economic development with a view to ensuring decent levels of living to the people in these countries. Most of these countries adopted development strategies with overwhelming emphasis on growth of GDP and per capita income. Though many of these countries did achieve substantial improvements in their growth rates during 1960s and1970s, there was persistence of high levels of poverty, inequality and unemployment or underemployment. Therefore, beginning with the1970s, there was an attempt to place sharp focus on eradication of poverty along with achievement of high growth rates of GDP.

Poverty refers to the condition of people who are unable to meet out even their basic necessities of life. When a substantial section of society is deprived of the minimum level of living and continues at a bare subsistence level, the society is said to be plagued with mass poverty. Frontal attack on poverty has become one of the challenges of development policy in all the developing countries.

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