Unit-2 Role and Relevance of Social Sciences

In the present unit, we will understand the relevance of social sciences in an age of globalisation.

Discuss the relevance of economics as a discipline in the society.

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Written on Apr 15, 2019 4:51:20 PM

1) The relevance of economics as a subject has increased so much in the society that in many universities it is clubbed with Sciences rather than Social Sciences.

2) Today, for every aspect in the society, economics as a social science discipline has its own unique value and can be termed as a living discipline.

3) As a discipline it has its applied value in all spheres of life.

4) Moreover, it has contributed a lot in interdisciplinary research. Such research is carried out to either understand the society historically or plan for future development, leave aside its utility in day-today life wherein one goes from family budget to national or state level economics issues

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