Unit-6 Struggle for Independence in India

Understand how Indians raised their voices against the British and the sacrifices that the countrymen made to set India free.

What was the main agenda of the second Round Table in London attended by Gandhiji? 

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Written on Apr 16, 2019 4:10:55 PM

  • The congress refused to take part in the first Round Table Conference held in London in May 1930 to discuss the Simon Commission Report.
  • But later on after agreement with Lord Irwin in 193 1 Gandhiji agreed to attend the Second Round Table Conference in London and suspended the civil disobedience movement temporarily.
  • The main agenda of the conference was to discuss the scheme of constitutional reforms for India.
  • But the congress was not happy with the outcome of the meeting and resolved to renew the civil disobedience movement.

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