Unit-3 Writing A Composition

This unit draws your attention to some of the major organizational problems of a composition and also suggest ways in which to tackle them.

Construct an outline of the model composition : 'Growing up to be a Monkey'

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Introduction : The development of an infant Indian Langur largely depends on the relationship with its mother.

Body :

1.During its early weeks, it depends almost completely upon its mother.

     a) first week is spent sleeping and nursing

     b) by second week it stumbles around

     c) at four weeks, it starts to venture out within a safe three or four feet (0.9 to 1.2 m.) of its mother

2.The gradually maturing infant Indian Langur begins to encounter age-mates under its mother’s watchful eye.

     a) by third month dependency on mother decreases as it learns how to eat solid foods

     b) change in the color of the infant's coat, from brown to light gray.

     c) at five months it ranges 20 to 30 feet (6 to 9 m.) from its mother for 20 minutes or so playing or climbing tree branches

3.Growing up involves long hours of play, moving in groups and mixing with other members of the group.

     a) by 10th month, the young ones play and travel in a group without their mothers

     b) typical activities include jumping, wrestling, chasing each other and pull each other's tails

     c) unlike the females, the young males now begin to have contact with the older males

Conclusion :

When the infants are rejected by their mothers as part of the two-to-five month weaning process, the weaned infants -or

juveniles, learn to solve their own conflicts themselves. And, in doing so, they become full-fledged members of the troop - and eventually grown-up monkeys.

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