Unit-1 Nature And Scope Of Sociology

This unit gives you a definition of sociology. It explains the idea of social groups and areas of concern of sociology.

Give a definition of sociology.

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Sociology can be defined as a study of society or social life, of group interaction and of social behavior.

During the 19th century sociology emerged as separate social science in Europe and its objective was the study of society.

Social thinkers sought to establish the idea of society as a matter of study, unique in itself. They examined society as a whole - which is more than the sum of its parts. Society is more than the actions, thoughts, values, belief and wishes of its individual members. It is a complex and abstract reality; yet all human beings live in a society.

A sociologist is interested in the general study of social behavior as it occurs in groups, large or small, and lays special stress on understanding social life in the contemporary world.

Social psychology, social anthropology, political science and economics, all in a sense, have human social life as their general subject. As sociology is a relatively young discipline compared with the discipline of philosophy, economics and political science, sometimes, people confuse it with social work.

Sociology is used in the discipline of social work to analyze and understand social problems. Social work is concerned with the uplift of those socially deprived, physically handicapped, etc.

The sociological understanding and research can help in better planning and in finding ways and means of acceptance of improved practices, in the formulation of development policies and programmes.

It is generally accepted that sociologists do not interfere with social process. They are supposed to be value-neutral, i.e., they are not supposed to have any bias or prejudice in the analysis of the social behavior.

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