Unit-1 Nature And Scope Of Sociology

This unit gives you a definition of sociology. It explains the idea of social groups and areas of concern of sociology.

Write a note on the basic concerns of sociology.

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  • Sociology seeks to study the society and to analyze it in terms of the social relations that have a pattern.
  • Sociology addresses itself to three basic questions: i) how and why societies emerge? ii) how and why societies persist? iii) how and why societies change?
  • Sociology has been concerned with the evolution of society. It has tried to analyze the factors and forces underlying the historical transformations of society.
  • Sociology deals with social institutions. The institutions provide a structure for the society and perform functions, which enable the society to meet its needs.
  • In any society, there are 5 basic social institutions; family, political institutions, economic institutions, religious institutions and educational institutions.
  • However, in more complex societies, there may be many other institutions such as bureaucracy, military organizations, welfare and recreational organizations, etc. Caste is also an institution, which is more or less peculiar to India.
  • Another area of study and analysis by sociologists is social processes. Social institutions provide the stability and order whereas social processes are the dynamic aspects of social relations.

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