Unit-5 Family

In this unit we introduce you to the definition of the family, family as a social institution and variations in the family form.

Briefly discuss, in three lines, one important function of the family.

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One important function of the family is to transmit the parents' status to the children. The children's social standing is related to the family. Individual's social identity is initially fixed by family membership by being born to parents of a given status and characteristics. Children take on the socio-economic class standing of their parents and the culture of the class into which they are born, including its values, behaviour patterns and definitions of reality. In addition to internalising family attitudes and beliefs, children are treated and defined by others as extensions of the social identity of their parents. In short, family acts as a vehicle of culture transmission from generation to generation. Another important function of the family is as a primary group is an important source of affection, love and social interaction. Caring for family members does not end with infancy and childhood. It is seemingly the nature of human beings to establish social interdependencies, not only to meet physical needs, but also to gratify emotional and psychological needs for response and affection as well as.

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