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Written on Sep 30, 2017 6:13:28 PM

3 TIPS on answering Multiple Choice Questions on Sentences & Clauses

Tip 1: Go through all the Tips available for all Modules on English Grammar

Proficiency in forming English Sentences requires proficiency in English Grammar that can only be obtained by reading Grammar Tips for all the Modules on English Grammar available on Learning Pundits.

Tip 2: When required to arrange jumbled words to form a meaningful sentence, it is often easier to eliminate incorrect options



(P) At his dispensary

(Q) Went to him

(R) Of a11 professions

(S) For medicine and treatment




QPRS: People went to him at his dispensary of all professions… (Incorrect)

QRPS: People went to him of all professions… (Incorrect)

RPQS: People of all professions at his dispensary went to him … (Incorrect)

The sentences formed by options B, C and D are incoherent and can be eliminated. Thus, the right option is ‘A’: People of all professions went to him for medicine and treatment at his dispensary.

Tip 3: When combining sentences to form a paragraph, ensure that there is a logical flow

Question: The first and sixth sentences are already given. The four sentences in the middle have been removed and jumbled up. These are labelled as P, Q, R and S. Find out the proper order for the four sentences.

1: What are the causes of our chronic food shortage?

P: To find food for these growing new millions is desperate task.

Q: Every year, we add more than a crore of persons to our population.

R: Despite stupendous efforts by our government, the population is growing unabated.

S: The chief cause is population explosion.

6: This unprecedented growth can drag us to the doors of starvation very soon


The Question in 1(“What are the causes of our chronic food shortage?“) is logically followed by S (“The chief cause is population explosion”) as the answer.

After offering the answer in S, some further explanation is given in the form of Q and P.

Sentence 6 speaks about “unprecedented growth” and this must be referring to the population growth referred to in R, which implies that R must immediately precede 6.

Thus, the order of the sentences to form a logically coherent paragraph is 1: S, Q, P, R : 6

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Sentences and Clauses

Tips and Self-Assessment Quiz On Sentences and Clauses



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