Cloze Test

Supply the right word to fill in the blank in a given passage.

Tips on Cloze Test

Tips on answering questions in English grammar related to Cloze Test

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Written on Sep 28, 2017 8:37:11 PM

2 Tips on answering Cloze Test Questions

Tip 1: Focus on the sentence where the blank to be filled in is present. Ignore the rest of the passage

Everyone needs quality sleep every single night, but lifestyle ... (1) ... and hurdles make sleep disorders more common than good sleep. This poor sleeping pattern has serious ... (2) ... on our health, and the first thing we ... (3) ... is unhealthy weight gain or weight loss, low concentration, and mood swings. If you have ... (4) ... sleeping ... (5) ... every day and this lack of sleep is ... (6) ... your day to-day routine, then you may be suffering from one of the many (and most common) sleep disorders. You will be surprised to know that there are many more sleep disorders than just insomnia and sleep apnea. There are ... (7) ... sleep disorders and their ... (8) ..., you should take proper ... (9) ... before they take a ... (10) ... on your life.

Choose the right word to fill in the blank indicated by (2).

[A] Coerce [B] rampage [C] repercussions [D] rattle [E] assent


Focus on the sentence which has the blank to be filled in. Although the rest of the passage may provide some context, it is usually not needed. The correct answer [C] can be deduced easily without reading the whole passage.

Tip 2: Use the context provided by reading the entire passage only when needed

The cities are … (1) … up and urban unemployment steadily grows. Probably there is an equal measure of … (2) … in the countryside. The poorest quarter of the population in developing lands … (3) … being left almost entirely behind in the vast … (4) … of the modern technological society. The “marginal men” the … (5) … strugglers for survival on the … (6)… of farm and city may … (7) … more than two billion. Can we … (8) … any human order surviving with so …. (9) … a mass of … (10) … pilling up at its base?

Choose the right word that can be used to fill in the blank indicated by (3).

[A] Believes [B] condemns [C] suffers [D] risks [E] endeavors


Options C and D are the ones that can be applied to the gap indicated by (3). Based on the context of the passage which talks about events that have already occurred, option C is the best one. 

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Cloze Test

Supply the right word to fill in the blank in a given passage.



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