Unit-2 Responses Of Indian Society

This unit is about the responses of Indian society to the arrival colonialism in India.

How did the intelligentsia generate public debate? 

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The reformers also realised that to defend their society against missionary and colonial criticism and also for permanent reform, it was important that education be imparted not only to all sections of men, but to women too. They campaigned for a critical and scientific education system. What India required was "not the revival of Sanskrit learning", Rammohun Roy argued, "but promotion of a more liberal and enlightened system of instruction, embracing Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry and Anatomy with other useful subjects. “It was Lord Macaulay, the Law Member in the Viceroy Council, whose decisive intervention was crucial in winning the case for English education. Though Lord Macaulay's intention was to produce a class of Indian in colour but British in taste, yet Rammohun Roy and others wished to bring the fruits of new knowledge into India and infuse Indians with these new ideas and spirit. 

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