Unit-1 Public Administration - Meaning And Scope

This unit explains public administration and its characteristics. It distinguishes between business and public administration.

Why is the scope of Public Administration expanding?

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Written on Jun 26, 2019 5:14:59 PM

Public Administration, as an aspect of governmental activity is very old. It is as old as human history. In European languages, the term Public Administration began to creep in during the seventeenth century to separate the absolute monarch's administration of public affairs from his management of his private household. It was a period when the church was separated from the state and the government was superimposed on all other societal institutions within a definite territory. In every society there are some activities like maintenance of law and order and defence which have to be undertaken in public interest. Public Administration as a system of organisation is mainly concerned with the performance of the activities. Political decision makers set the goals for the political system. It is the business of Public Administration lo work fur the realisation of these goals. At the present stage of man's evolution, Public administration has proved to be indispensable. 

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