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We have thousands of job openings for Students. These are work from home job openings, typing, data entry jobs, part time jobs etc which do not require much investment from students. If you have a laptop (and also a mobile) with a good internet connection, that is usually sufficient to apply for such jobs and internships.

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Apply for online work from home fresher job openings and internships

Take our Online Tests on Aptitude and English. Perform well to ensure that you get shortlisted for phone screen interviews:

Recruiters often have a hard time deciding who are the best candidates to hire. If you participate in our Free Online Contests on Aptitude and English and perform well, your profile will get a Merit Certificate from that Contest automatically added to it. This will ensure that you get shortlisted by the Recruiters for the phone screening process.

We strongly recommend that you participate in our Online Contests on English and Aptitude and then apply to job vacancies for fresher jobs and internships.

The recommended process is illustrated as an infographic below:

Contest Participation:

The details are available in the contest link mentioned below:

Contest Link:

We have two Online Contests - Math Whiz on Aptitude and Grammar Guru on English. You can participate using your Desktop or Mobile (Chrome browser with WebCam enabled).

Prepare for Math Whiz: Mathematical Aptitude, Logical and Non-verbal Reasoning and Data Interpretation

Prepare for Grammar Guru: English Grammar and Vocabulary, English Proficiency, English Listening and Reading Skills

Participate and win!

  • All participants will get Participation Certificates to boost their Resumes

  • Top 100 in each contest every week get Amazon Cash Vouchers

  • Also we give out Merit Certificates to top 100 every week. These will enrich your profile and will significantly improve your chances of getting shortlisted for interviews.

Apply For Online Jobs:

It is recommended that you work on improving your Resume before applying for jobs. These Resume Format for Freshers could be useful. You can also submit your CV for a free review or look at some illustrations of neatly formatted Resumes submitted for review by others.

Once you are happy with your Resume, please attach it to your profile and provide audio clips for explaining different profile sections. Then, apply for latest fresher jobs and internships, with just a single click. You can also edit your job preferences and we will send you alerts about new jobs that match your preferences.

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Apply for Online Jobs

Apply for online work from home fresher job openings and internships