Process Flow to purchase the Product

Purchase Flow:

  1. The user registers with
  2. User visits and completes the purchase process to become a premium job seeker (user may not may not apply discount coupon).
  3. As a premium job seeker, user can take our mock interviews to prepare for job interviews. Detailed feedback on the interview submissions will be provided. Our feedback will help job seekers improve Spoken English (Accent, Grammar and Fluency). We will help them answer interview questions in an engaging manner to impress Recruiters and stand out from others. We will identify mistakes made while answering questions and help with correcting them.
  4. User can take our premium skills assessment test to get Skills Certification. All 6 tests are available online 24x7 (see ). After taking the Basic Skills Certification Tests, users will get a Certification Report (see sample) which will be digitally signed as proof of authenticity.
  5. User can apply for jobs and internships as a premium job seeker.

Fresher Jobs:


Work from Home Jobs: