Product Details with Pricing Plans

                       Abyeti Technologies owns is a job portal for Freshers. We are selling the premium job seeker package ( which contains these benefits:

  1. Mock Interviews with detailed feedback
  2. Basic Skills Certification
  3. Premium access to thousands of jobs and internships

Benefit 1: Mock Interviews with Detailed Feedback

All premium job seekers get access to 8 Mock Interviews. Candidates can take our Mock Interviews online at any time as per convenience (24x7 availability). Each mock interview will have 3 commonly asked Interview questions and audio response for each will be recorded. Our English Communications experts will review audio responses and provide detailed feedback with specific actionable steps. Our feedback will help job seekers improve Spoken English (Accent, Grammar and Fluency). We will help them answer interview questions in an engaging manner to impress Recruiters and stand out from others. We will identify mistakes made while answering questions and help with correcting them.

Benefit 2: Basic Skills Certification

The Skills Certification consists of 6 modules - Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, English Grammar, Spoken English test where voice is recorded using a microphone, English writing where candidate will be asked to write an essay on a topic and a Personality test. This is a comprehensive evaluation of all the basic skills needed for any office job, internship or work from home job.

All 6 tests are available online 24x7 (see )

Candidates can also access our online courses to help them perform well in our Skills Certification Tests (see

After taking the Basic Skills Certification Tests, you will get a Certification Report (see sample) which will be digitally signed as proof of authenticity. You can mention your skills percentiles in your Resume along with a link to the digitally signed PDF as proof. This is a great way to impress Recruiters during Campus Recruitment or applying for jobs via job portals etc.

Benefit 3: Premium Access to thousands of jobs and internships

We launched our job portal on May 2018 and in two months, we have added 550 Recruiters and thousands of new job posts are added every month. We will continue to add more Recruiters and you can expect the number of new job openings being added every month to increase rapidly.

Recruiters on our job portal can sort all job applicants by the relevant skills necessary for their job post - Spoken English for a Sales job, Reasoning for an Analyst job, English Writing for a Content Writing job etc. Candidates who take our Skills Certification and perform well in the relevant skill category are highly likely to be shortlisted.