Profile of Jane Doe

Pooja Premnath


DOB:14 - JUNE - 1992

University/College Last StudiedSymbiosis Centre for Media & Communication [SCMC Pune]
CourseMaster of Mass Communications / Mass Media - M.M.C / M.M.M.
Year of Graduation2014

Employability Skills Assessment

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Employment History

XYZ Techologies | Marketing and Branding Associate

MAY 2014 - No
Full Time Internship

Job Summary

Responsible for managing a company's brand. Develops plans that that support lines of service and brand objectives and devises campaigns that increase the awareness of stature of a company

Primary responsibilities

  • Developed and implemented marketing strategies to increase brand visibility on- and offline during known peak seasons.
  • Developed and executed promotion strategies for 4-5 domestic and international conferences per year that contributed to new RFPs.
  • Work alongside product dev team to ensure all branding guidelines are followed; evangelize the company's brand through social outlets
  • Managed creative development and execution of marketing campaigns including email blasts that yielded open rates as high as 40%.
  • Created and implemented internal communication and training for brand management

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Education Details

symbiosis international unversity

MBA Communication Management
JUNE 2012 - MAY 2014
Percentage/Grades - 3.5/5

The discipline I choose in my MBA helped me work on skills, attritbutes and techniques by,

  • using visual aids to illustrate important points.
  • developing associated ideas.
  • critically evaluating current topics.
  • speaking confidently to diverse audiences.
  • common interpersonal communication theories.
  • concepts of self-disclosure, active listening and perception.
  • how non-verbal communication and various communication barriers can cause confusion or conflict.
  • conceptual knowledge in communication tools and techniques.
  • analytical and creative communication.
  • socio-psychological context of business and communication.

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Academic/ Extra-Curricular Projects

Other Projects

JUNE 2014
JULY 2016

Fundraising Experience

Volunteer Fundraiser, WARDS, Jeevan Bhima Nagar, Bangalore

  • Recruited, coordinated, and trained 14 volunteer fundraisers.
  • Planned and promoted three successful fundraising events including a silent auction, dinner, and concert which generated over $80,000 in pledges.
  • Increased contributions by 25% over the previous campaign.  

Other Projects

  • Have my paintings and photographs displayed in a couple of exhibitions in the Lalith Kala Academy-Chennai
  • Had two of my paintings displayed in the Egmore Museum-Chennai, for a span of 3 years
  • Won a lot of Debate Sessions in my Business School
  • Enjoy being around and meeting new people
  • Did several internships with over 5 NGO’s over a period of 6 years
  • Process and apply new skills and concepts quickly
  • Ability to identify and troubleshoot critical issues, especially in a time crunch
  • Demonstrate sound negotiating skills and improve the effectiveness of communications and interactions
  • with others.

Awards Certifications and Achievements



  • Excellent familiarity with business communications procedures and practices 
  • Strong ability to design and implement corporate communications plans 
  • Can help with interviews and how to sell and present yourself as a product 
  • Superior grasp of advertising marketing and presentation strategies 
  • Planned and implemented various corporate events in collaboration with communications team. 
  • Designed and produced sales and collateral presentation materials. 
  • Designed and managed various marketing campaigns. 
  • Assisted in development and coordination of specific customer communications. 
  • Have a detailed working knowledge of Photoshop as a design tool 
  • Exceptional skills in Microsoft Office including PowerPoint and Word 
  • Very god interpersonal and organizational skills 
  • Co-developed and launched new company website 
  • Sound oral and written communication skills 
  • High time management and organizational abilities 

Tool Kit

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Powerpoint
  • Illustrator
  • Excel
  • Canva
  • Google Analytics
  • Moz

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List of languages with the profociency level:

Language Speaking Writing Fluency

1 English Very comforatble Very Comfortable Quite Fluent

2. Hindi Comfortable Comforatble Comfortable

3. Tamil Comfortable Not Comfortable Quite Fluent

4. French Not Comfortable Average Not Fluent

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Interests/ Hobbies/ Passions



Organised a four week trip to Malaysia for myself and 5 friends to do a multi-city tour including sourcing and comparing the best value flights and accommodation, and negotiating group discounts with numerous companies.

(organisational skills –… price comparison – … negotiation skills –)


Used excellent written communication skills to compose engaging bi-weekly articles on Global Travel Blog. Content reviewed and compared the quality of service of various travel providers. Ensured proper grammar and punctuation by thoroughly proofreading using a keen eye for detail.

(written communication skills – supplier performance analysis –attention to detail -)


Have actually made painting and have organised exhibitions to display the works. Have also made an effort to learn several designing tools like photoshop and designed marketing and brandidng collaterals

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General Interview Questions

Q 1. Can you tell me a little about yourself?

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Project Mgmt Interview Questions

Q 1. Can you tell me a little about yourself?

Q 2. Can you tell me a little about yourself?

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Proficiency Certificates

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