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2 TIPS on learning Idioms and Phrases

Tip 1: Utilize vocabulary books and online resources

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Tip 2: Understand the meaning, the context and usage of an idiomatic expression


A bitter pill

Meaning: An unpleasant piece of information

Context: Sometimes, a pill is bitter. But, it must be swallowed to improve your health. A piece of news can be unpleasant but it must be accepted and acted upon.

Usage: His treachery has been a bitter pill to swallow.

Ace in the hole

Meaning: Possess a secret advantage

Context: An expression that originates from poker, referring to possessing an Ace among the face down cards dealt to the player.

Usage: Our ace in the hole left our opponents stupefied; it isn't every day that an NBA star plays street basketball.

All thumbs

Meaning: Behaving very clumsily

Context: If a person has only a thumb and no opposing fingers, he would be very clumsy in handling objects.

Usage: I am so sorry I broke your plate. I seem to be all thumbs today.

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Idioms and Phrases

Tips and Self-Assessment Quiz On Idioms and Phrases



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