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Written on Sep 30, 2017 5:48:40 PM

2 TIPS on spotting grammatical errors in English sentences

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Tip 1: Go through all the Tips available for all Modules on English Grammar

Spotting Grammatical Errors in English Sentences requires proficiency in English Grammar that can only be obtained by reading Grammar Tips for all the Modules on English Grammar available on Learning Pundits.

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Tip 2: Rewrite the original sentence from memory on a piece of paper


Most readers would not notice that the word “the” is repeated twice in the sentence above. This is because, while reading, the human brain automatically corrects minor grammatical errors.

If you cannot spot the error, please commit the sentence to memory and write it down on a piece of paper. Now, compare what you have written down with the original sentence to identify the grammatical error.

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Spotting Errors

Tips and English Proficiency Tests on Spotting Errors



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