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Q106. **The average age of a family of 6 members is 22 years. If the age of the youngest member be 7 years, what was the average age of family at the birth of the youngest members?**

  1.  15
  2.  18
  3.  21
  4.  22

Solution : 18
Q107. **A man invested 1/3 of his capital at 7%, 1/4 at 8% and the remaining at 10% rate of simple interest. If his annual income from interests is Rs. 561, then the capital invested was:**

  1.  Rs. 6000
  2.  Rs. 5600
  3.  Rs. 6600
  4.  Rs. 7200
  5.  None of these

Solution : Rs. 6600
Q108. In the question two equations numbered I and II are given. You have to solve both the equations and give answer. ![enter image description here][1] [1]: https://storage.googleapis.com/codegrounds/questionImages/058d469e-14c5-49bf-80f9-86f3593660d9_USER-RecruiterCopy_ITEM-3.png

  1.  if x > y
  2.  if x ≥ y
  3.  if x < y
  4.  if x ≤ y
  5.  if x = y or the relationship cannot be established

Solution : if x < y


Solution :

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