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Logical Reasoning Aptitude Test Questions on Blood Relations

Logical Reasoning Tips - Blood Relations

Tips on answering Logical Reasoning Aptitude Test Questions on Blood Relations

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Written on Sep 28, 2017 8:17:56 PM

2 TIPS on cracking Reasoning Questions on Blood Relations

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Tip #1: Sound knowledge of blood relations

Father's father → Grandfather           Mother's father → Maternal grandfather

Father's mother → Grandmother       Mother's mother → Maternal grandmother

Father's brother → Uncle                  Mother's brother → Maternal uncle

Father's sister → Aunt                        Mother's sister → Aunt

Children of uncle → Cousin              Children of maternal uncle → Cousin

Wife of uncle → Aunt                                    Wife of maternal uncle → Maternal aunt

Children of aunt → Cousin               Husband of aunt → Uncle

Question: Pointing to a photograph of a boy Suresh said, "He is the son of the only son of my mother." How is Suresh related to that boy?

A. Brother      B. Uncle                     C. Cousin       D. Father


Suresh’s mother’s only son is Suresh himself. So, the boy in the photo is Suresh’s son, i.e.

Suresh is the boy’s father. The answer is then D.

Question: If A + B → A is the mother of B; A - B → A is the brother B; A % B → A is the father of B and A x B → A is the sister of B, which of the following shows that P is the maternal uncle of Q?

A. Q - N + M x P            B. P + S x N – Q  C. P - M + N x Q                  D. Q - S % P


Analyzing the options, we see,

D. Q is the brother of S, S is the father of P → Q is the uncle of P.

C. P is the brother of M, M is the mother of N, N is the sister of Q → P is the maternal uncle of Q. Thus, the answer is C.

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Tip #2: Draw flowchart when suitable

Question: P is the mother of K; K is the sister of D; D is J’s father. How is P related to J?

A. Mother      B. Grandmother                     C. Aunt                      D. Data inadequate



Thus, P is the mother of J’s aunt.

Or, in other words, P is the grandmother of J.

The correct option is B. (The letters beside/under the arrows indicate: m: mother, sis: sister, f: father)

Question: Given, M % N means M is the son of N, M @ N means M is the sister of N and M $ N means M is the father of N. Which of the following shows the relation that C is the granddaughter of E?

A. C % B $ F $ E                   B. B $ F $ E % C

C. C @ B % F % E                D. E % B $ F $ C


Analyzing the options, we see,

With Option D:


E is the uncle of C

With Option C:


C is the granddaughter of E.

Hence, the correct option is C.

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Blood Relations

Logical Reasoning Aptitude Test Questions on Blood Relations



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