Unit-3 The World of Fraction

In this unit we review the fractional numbers.

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List three situations in your daily life where you have to deal with fraction.

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Learning Pundits Content Team

Written on Apr 22, 2019 11:54:57 AM

•A pizza is a great example of fractions! Each piece represents a part of a whole. If the pizza is divided into 8 pieces and I have one piece, the fraction of pizza I am eating is one-eighth (1/8).

•Fruit is another great example. Every time we cut an apple, an orange, or any kind of fruit, we are taking a piece of the whole. If I cut an apple in four parts and have one piece, the fraction on apple I’m eating is one-fourth (1/4).

•Money is another place fractions are used. For example, a quarter is one fourth of a dollar (1/4).