Unit-1 Social Sciences - Perspectives and Interrelationships

The differences between social sciences and 'sciences', the sources of data and the methods used to create social science knowledge.

What is the major difference between primary and secondary sources of data?

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Primary Sources :

●Primary data is first hand data . Collecting data from primary sources involves direct investigation by the researcher.

Direct investigation, i.e intensive fieldwork may be carried out by participating in the activities of the people from whom the data are to be collected. It is suited for research into small communities from which detailed information is required.

●The other mode of direct investigation is the survey method. It is best suited when study has to be carried out in a large, diverse and widely scattered groups in population. Here the researcher does not participate in the life of the people but collects information through a set of framed questions. eg: Public opinion survey.

Secondary Sources :

●Secondary data are collected from published and unpublished works.

●Data are transcribed or compiled from original sources but those who own the data are not the ones who have collected it. Data is collected and handed over to the respective offices that processes, compiles and make them widely available. The data in effect, belong to the concerned office.

Secondary sources of data could be unpublished in the form of manuscripts or published in the form of books, articles, records and documents.