Unit-3 Society Through the Ages - Global Perspective

In this unit we intend to give you the broadest possible survey of human history.

What were the types of tools used in the hunting and gathering stage?

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The biggest change that occurred within the stone age was in man's capacity from a 'tool-using' animal to a 'tool-making‘ animal.

These tools, made of stone, were supplied by nature. Later man also learnt to make tools.

Initially man made crude hand axe and scrappers. Soon he graduated to using wooden and sticks for throwing and digging. Finally knife blades, pointed stones, spears and darts, harpoons, fishhooks and needles, chisels and boring tools for engravings were also used. Needles were used for making animal skin into clothing. Other tools were used for making houses to live in.

Around the end of the stone age bow and arrow too were present in some parts.