Unit-2 Evolution of Humankind

Learn about aspects of the relationship between human beings and nature that contributed towards the march of human civilisation.

How have the human beings have interacting in nature? Answer in about five lines.

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Written on Apr 15, 2019 12:28:21 PM

It is in the nature of human beings to restlessly strive to reach new heights. But in this process they, have to reflect on their knowledge and train themselves to shape tools and technologies, which are in harmony with nature and not always seek to dominate and indiscriminately destroy nature.

We watch with equal despair the development of industries and technologies which single-mindedly destroy our natural resources. One may not advocate a retreat from science, technology and inventions

That would be both futile and anachronistic. The solution of our problems also lies in invention and uses of new technologies in a manner which is friendly to and not discriminative of the surrounding ecology.

Let us not forget the harsh and miserable lives of hunters and gatherers of the past and how they died helplessly and in great pain from a host of diseases. The wonders of science have helped to prolong the life of human beings.