Unit-5 Algebraic Expressions

In this unit we will discuss algebra.

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Rewrite the following statements in the language of algebra stating the meaning of each letter you use:

i)The volume of a cube is the third power of the length of its edge.

ii)Two times a number plus three is equal to four.

iii)Three times a number decreased by 10 is 73.

iv)The I.Q. is calculated by multiplying 100 with the quotient of mental age by actual age.

v)The perimeter of a rectangle is twice the sum of its length and breadth.

vi)The temperature on the Fahrenheit scale is equal to 32 plus 1.8 times the temperature on the Celsius scale.

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i)V = a^3, V is the volume of the cube, a is the length of the side of the cube.

ii)2x + 3 = 4, x stands for some number.

iii)3x − 10 = 73, x stands for some number.

iv)I = 100 M/A , where I is the I.Q., M is the mental age and A is the actual age.

v)P = 2(ℓ + b), P is the perimeter, ℓ is the length and b is the breadth.

vi)F = 32 + 1.8C, F is the temperature in Fahrenheit, C is the temperature in Centigrade

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