Unit-3 Society Through the Ages - Global Perspective

In this unit we intend to give you the broadest possible survey of human history.

In what ways was the industrial age different from the two preceding ages?

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The industrial age is different from the other 2 preceding ages as, the industrial age brought about,

i.Building of large-scale units of production and manufacture and the application of technology to production process;

ii.The utilization of large chunks of human population into the production process. Since the production process is increasingly centralized, it involves displacements of people from their natural habitat and their being herded together at new places;

iii.Constant innovation and growth and the application of the new knowledge and discovery to the production process.

Whereas, in the preceding ages,

i.The Hunting-Gathering Society was one in which hunting animals and gathering food constituted the primary activities, and

ii.The Agrarian society was one in which food production constituted the major activity.

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