Unit-8 Argumentative Composition-2

In this unit we shall illustrate the different methods of building up an argument logically, and also point out the pitfalls in an argument.

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We weep for the true victim, the black American. His wounds are deep. But along with their scars, black people have a secret. Their genius is that they have survived. In the adaptations they have developed a vigorous style of life. It has touched religion, music, and the broad canvas of creativity. The psyche of black men has been disturbed. For white America to understand the life of the black man it must recognise that so much time has passed and so little has changed.

(from Grier and Rice M. Cokks, 'The Shadow of the Past' in The Writing Commitment)

Read the passage given above and answer the following questions.

Question: Words such as weep, wounds and scars are not used here in the literal sense. They are used to evoke our sympathies. Make sentences of your own using these words in the same way.

Passage 2

A person commits a crime because he is basically insecure, because he hated his stepmother at nine, or because his sister needs a surgical operation. A policeman loots a store because his salary is too low. A city official accepts a bribe because he cannot resist the offer. Members of minority groups, racial or otherwise, commit crimes because they can't get a job, or are unacceptable to the people living around them. We find a truckload of excuses to absolve the individual from responsibility of his actions.

Question: Read the passage carefully and say whether the reasoning is inductive or deductive. Find out the topic sentence in this passage.

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Method of Reasoning: Inductive

Topic sentence: We find a truckload of excuses to absolve the individual from responsibility of his action.

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