Unit-1 Nature And Scope Of Business

In this introductory unit, you will learn the exact connotation of terms like business, commerce, trade, industry etc.

What is the main distinction between the economic activity and non-economic activity?

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Written on Apr 15, 2019 3:23:43 PM

  • All the activities in which we participate from morning till night are called 'human activities'.
  • If you closely examine the human activities, you will find that some of these produce economic benefits e.g., working in a factory or in an office or at the farm,. Some other activities like brushing teeth, taking breakfast, going to school, playing, cooking food for the family, etc., do not produce any direct economic benefits.
  • Thus we can classify the human activities into two groups:
  • Non economic activities - These are the activities which are conducted by the human beings due to love and affection, social obligation, religious obligation, physical requirement, patriotism, etc.. but not for earning money. The housewife cooking for the family, children going to school and playing games, people going to a temple or a mosque for prayer, a social worker working for the uplift of the poor, etc., are some such examples. Persons who participate in such activities do not get any direct economic benefit.
  • Economic activities - These are activities which are undertaken by human beings for earning money or livelihood. These economic activities are concerned with production, exchange. and distribution of goods and services. For example, a doctor working in the hospital, a teacher working in a school, an employee going to his office, a farmer working in the field, etc. They are all doing this to earn their livelihood or to acquire wealth.

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