Unit-1 Nature And Scope Of Sociology

This unit gives you a definition of sociology. It explains the idea of social groups and areas of concern of sociology.

Explain the relationship between sociology and science.

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Sociology has been defined as the science of society. The scientific approach consists of certain assumption that the phenomena studied have a regularity and hence, a pattern. The method emphasizes observation and verification of social phenomena. This involves a systematic approach to the study of phenomena.

The systematic approach consists of:

  1. defining a problem for study.
  2. collecting data on the problem defined.
  3. analyzing and organizing the data, which would help in formulation of hypothesis.
  4. further testing of the hypothesis and on the basis of this, develop new concepts and theories.

Sociology has been using a systematic approach in the study of social life. On the basis of the knowledge gathered through the systematic approach, it has tried to build a body of reliable knowledge. From this knowledge, it has tried to establish the patterns of relationships from which effort can be made at understanding social behavior.

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