Unit-5 Family

In this unit we introduce you to the definition of the family, family as a social institution and variations in the family form.

What is the role of the family in industrial society? Use around five lines     for your answer.

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The role of the family in industrial society has weakened quite a bit. Institutions like schools, business houses, political parties, recreational organisations, etc., reduce the role of the family. So, also does the high level of mobility. Many sociologists feel that the family has lost a number of its functions in modern industrial society. Institutions such as business, political parties, schools, welfare and recreational organisations, creche and play schools, now specialise in functions earlier performed only by the family. This reduces the dependency of the individual on his or her family and kin. The high rate of geographical mobility in industrial society decreases, the frequency and intimacy of contact among members of the kin-family network. The relatively high level of social mobility and the importance of 'achieved' status in modem society have weakened the importance of family and its extended form since it has less to offer to its members.

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