Unit-1 Understanding The Political

The main objective of this unit is to understand the concept of ‘political’.

How is consent manipulated?

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Written on Apr 16, 2019 5:22:08 PM

There are still more effective methods available to prevent subversive ideas from even arising. They may be intercepted at source, the source being the conscious and even the subconscious mind. An important dimension of power is the capacity to affect and mould people’s consciousness so that they will accept the existing state of affairs without ever becoming aware of alternative possibilities. Consent, then, becomes manipulated consent. To a certain extent we are all affected by the prevailing ‘climate of opinion’. From there an ascending scale leads to a position where the moulding of minds, manipulation, is made the deliberate purpose of the state in order to create a monolithic popular mentality. Such was the purpose of Goebbels’ propaganda machine in Nazi Germany and this is still, the purpose of any totalitarian regime. Manipulation is ‘power wielded unknown to the powerless’, as C. Wright Mills defines it. Peter Worsley points out that ‘the mechanisms by which consciousness is manipulated are of growing importance in modern society.’

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