Unit-2 Writing Paragraphs-2 The Development Of A Paragraph

This unit explains different techniques of developing paragraphs.

Hills and mountains are slowly worn away over thousands of years by the process of erosion. Erosion takes place everywhere on Earth. There are several forces of erosion : glaciers which carry rocks weighing thousands of tons; frost which causes small cracks on rock sides; strong winds which wear away exposed rocks in deserts. By far the greatest cause of erosion, however, is the action of water on rocks. Water carries chemicals dissolved in it .that soften rocks. This softening is the first stage of erosion, called weathering. Rainwater falling on hills runs into streams and rivers and these carry the weathered rock away. Millions of years in the future, your favourite hills will have been worn completely away by erosion.

(Adapted from Geography by Dougal Dixon, Franklin Watts Science World)

What are the various forces of erosion'?

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glaciers, frost, strong winds, water.