Unit-2 Basic Concepts In Sociology

In this unit we introduce you to basic concepts in sociology. These concepts include that of society itself. The social group is discussed.

Define the concept of society, in eight lines.

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  • Society is viewed by sociologists as s chain of social relationships.
  • A relationship is social, when it is determined by mutual awareness, that is, the behavior of one individual influences the behavior of another.
  • For example, when a teacher enters the classroom, students stop making noise and stand up as a mark of respect for their teacher.
  • This behavior signifies the social relationship between the teacher and the taught.
  • Thus, social relationships exist only when individuals behave towards one another in ways determined by their recognition of each other.
  • This is why society is called a relational concept.
  • In other words, society is not a substantial concept.
  • It does not denote a concrete reality, rather it refers to social relationships, which become institutionalized, when people relate to each other in well-established and familiar ways.