Unit-2 Basic Concepts In Sociology

In this unit we introduce you to basic concepts in sociology. These concepts include that of society itself. The social group is discussed.

What is social control? Explain in about five lines.

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  • Social control is a process to regulate behavior within society.
  • In a sense, social control is to discourage people from deviating from the established values and norms.
  • Because of social control, people live up to what is expected of them.
  • Social control is an aspect of all social institutions and thus, it is pervasive to social life on the whole.
  • Behavior of people is controlled both by positive and negative sanctions.
  • The aim of both these types of sanction is to encourage people to conform to the norms.
  • Positive sanction can include praise, gifts and promotion whereas negative sanction can be punishment, demotion ridicule or boycott.
  • Social control is not necessarily always successful