Unit-2 Theorising The Political

This Unit deals with the various relevant concerns of political philosophising/theorising.

Enumerate and describe the salient features of either the historical or the sociological approach to studying politics.

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  • Historical Approach: We may try to search out those questions which they have raised about the truth or the validity of political theories. Questions concerning goods or ideals to be realised in or through the state, meaning of freedom, why men obey the government, the sphere of government activities, meaning of equality – these are some of the questions which have agitated the minds of political philosophers throughout the ages.
  • Sociological Approach: It is also pointed out by many of the modern writers that this approach takes a narrow view of politics and restricts it to the domain of the state. Several contemporary writers have tried to widen the scope of political science so as to include not only the state but the society as well, a point of view which is very clearly brought out by Catlin.