Unit-2 Theorising The Political

This Unit deals with the various relevant concerns of political philosophising/theorising.

Discuss the views of either Eric Voegelin or Christian Bay.

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Written on Apr 16, 2019 5:29:46 PM

  • Eric Voegelin: He does not make a distinction between political theory and political science –to him political theory would mean a critical reflection on politics, without which there can be no political science. Voegelin is strongly of the view that we never had the materials available and the intellectual climate suitable for great advances in theoretical analysis, as now. Voegelin is against system building in modern philosophy and believes that the system-constructors are ignorant of the basic experience of existence.
  • Christian Bay: He agreed with David Easton’s definition of politics as consisting of “all the processes by which public values are promoted and distributed by means of power and authority”, but objected to a virtual absence in such a definition of any reference to the relatedness of politics to human needs and problems. The mass of behavioural research in political science today, he writes, “deals with voting and with opinions and attitudes on social, political and economic issues.