Unit-2 Role and Relevance of Social Sciences

In the present unit, we will understand the relevance of social sciences in an age of globalisation.

Discuss the relevance of studying history in the present context.

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Written on Apr 15, 2019 4:53:35 PM

In an age of 'knowledge society', excessive emphasis is being laid on management education, ICT, computer education etc.

Ex: Today, we study the history of ecology and environment, the history of industrialization, the history of science and technology, the history of ideas, the history of handicrafts, the history of urbanization, the history of trade and banking and so on.

While historians were studying these aspects earlier, their scope was limited to particular periods only.

Now they seek to study history of through different periods of time in order to be able to correlate it with many more aspects of present day situations. It must be noted that any study of the past will be of no use unless it analyses that how the present has evolved and analyses both, the past and the present, to plan for a better future. This in fact is the relevance of studying history in building knowledge society in close collaboration with other sister disciplines like anthropology, art history, archaeology, museology etc.

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