Unit-2 Role and Relevance of Social Sciences

In the present unit, we will understand the relevance of social sciences in an age of globalisation.

Why should you study Political Science?

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Written on Apr 15, 2019 4:44:56 PM

If everything happens in a given social context, you hear another common word these days: 'politics'. At all levels of the social order, you have politics and every society is governed by a political order or a political system.

Whether it is globalization, ICT, management or scientific development and progress, each moves into a direction that is shaped by the political leadership of a given society.

A study of political science makes you aware of different political institutions, ideologies and systems. Democracy, human rights, responsibilities of the citizens, constitutions for governance, guiding principles for governance, political structures of organizations, fundamental rights, etc. are all taught under political science.


1.Scientists have developed nuclear energy, but it is the political system and politicians who decide its usage.

2.It is the political leadership that decides whether a particular industry will be state owned or would be in the domain of private sector.

3.It's the politician who negotiates international treaties in diverse fields such as science and technology, trade or cultural interactions.

In fact, by acquainting you with the nuances of different political orders this discipline provides you with an opportunity to evaluate and assess the strengths and weaknesses of various political systems.

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