Unit-12 Ecology and Environment - Issues and Challanges

In this unit we will learn some of the environmental changes that are taking place on earth.

Give two examples on each of the following functions of the environment:

a)Production functions

b)Regulations functions

c)Habitat functions

d)Information functions

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a)The forest areas provide us with timber and minor forest products such as fodder, leaves and seeds. It provides oxygen and water so useful to us.

b)The environment regulates the level of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air. While emissions from industries and vehicles increase the level of CO2, trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere. The environment regulates biomass production (plants and trees), maintains biological diversity, maintains soil fertility and regulates soil erosion.

c)The environment provides habitat or living space for human beings as well as animals. The forest areas serve as a living place for many animals while rivers, lakes and sea provide habitat for aquatic animals.

d)Environment through its land, water and forests provide aesthetic, spiritual, religious and cultural information. It works as a heritage of our art, culture and folklore.

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