Unit-12 Ecology and Environment - Issues and Challanges

In this unit we will learn some of the environmental changes that are taking place on earth.

Write two major sources of each of the following aspects of environmental degradation :

a) Air pollution

b) Water pollution

c) Land pollution

d) Soil erosion

e) Global warming 

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Written on Apr 17, 2019 12:10:09 PM

a) Air pollution: Exhaust from vehicles, particularly carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, emission of poisonous gases from factories.

b) Water pollution: Contaminants contained in the soil (such as fertilizers and pesticides) get dissolved into rainwater and flow into water bodies, contaminants contained in the air settle down during rain and flow into water sources.

c) Land Pollution: Pollution of land is caused by disposal of solid waste by households, Industrial sector and agriculture, which are dumped into land. These wastes are rubber pieces, glass pieces etc.

d) Soil erosion: Deforestation and water run off.

e) Global Warming: Burning of fossil fuel, land clearing for agriculture and manufacturing.

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